Fuel price hike: Congress to organize protests across the country on Friday

The Congress party has been constantly attacking the central government for rising vehicular fuel prices. 

With petrol and diesel prices rising for over a month now, the opposition Congress party has decided to conduct protests and demonstrations across the country on June 11, according to a report by news agency ANI. As a part of the protests, the country’s leading opposition party will hold symbolic demonstrations at the petrol pumps against the rising prices of petrol and diesel.

The Congress party, along with other opposition parties in the country, has been constantly attacking the central Modi government for rising vehicular fuel prices.

The opposition political party has alleged that the fuel prices were constant till the duration of the West Bengal assembly elections after which they started increasing.

Meanwhile, the oil companies on Wednesday again hiked the prices of petrol and diesel in the country by 25 paise each. After today’s hike, prices of petrol and diesel have increased to Rs. 95.56 and Rs. 86.47 in the national capital, Delhi.

In Mumbai, petrol prices had already crossed the Rs. 100 mark in the previous month. On Wednesday, petrol price in the city increased to Rs. 101.76 while diesel retailed at Rs. 93.85.

The prices of petrol and diesel are unlikely to fall anytime soon as the Union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that this is “not the right time” for a tax cut on the two fuels. He defended the government’s stance citing the fall in the government’s income due to COVID-19 and a large expenditure on welfare schemes.

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