‘Global Minoz’ fund raising for COVID-19 patients in India

Lee Min Ho’s Indian fans ‘LeeMinHo Lovers India’ co-operated with ‘Global Minoz’ to boost funds for COVID-19 patients in India.

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho’s fan club ‘Global Minoz’ have actively involved in organising fundraisers to support various causes globally. Presently, his Indian fanbase ‘LeeMinHo Lovers India’ has walked forward to cooperate with ‘Global Minoz’ to raise funds for COVID-19 patience in India. Lee Min Ho’s Indian lovers have launched this initiative where the international lovers of actor Lee Min Ho can also contribute and help in the cause.

Lee Min Ho’s fan club have till date managed to raise Rs. 67,342 which is 921 US dollars to Hemkunt Foundation, which is a non-government organisation that attempts to marginalized section of society.  The countries that have actively contributed in the initiative are South Korea, the United States of America, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Myanmar, Italy, Indonesia, Argentina, the Philippines and Chile.

For the unserved, Lee Min Ho had establish the ‘PROMIZ’ website in 2014, a fundraising site to raise knowledge and encourage contribution for civil and humanitarian causes. In the past, he had also helped victims of the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and made generous donations for World Water day.

The South Korean actor is globally recognised for his work in k-dramas series like, The Heirs, Boys Over Flowers, The Legend of the Blue Sea, 7 First Kisses (which also features other famous south Korean actors) and The King: Eternal Monarch.

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