GoT stars Sophie Turner and Kit Harington reunite for horror film

‘Game of Thrones’ stars Kit Harington and Sophie Turner have reunited to work together. The two will star in the Gothic horror movie “The Dreadful,” according to Deadline.

Natasha Kermani wrote and will helm the film, which is set during the War of the Roses. Ir follows Anne (Turner) and her mother-in-law Morwen, who live a solitary, harsh life on the outskirts of society. However, when a guy from their past (Harington) arrives, he starts a series of events that will become an important turning point for Anne.

Sophie took to her Instagram handle to update her fans. She wrote,  “I mean we couldn’t NOT hang out again ya know #thedreadful.”

Along with Sophie, the film’s producers are Luke Daniels of Redwire Pictures/Tunnel, Patrick Muldoon and Patrick Hibler of Storyboard Media, and Lucas Jarach. Greg Lauritano also produces under his Black Magic banner.

In the meantime, Sophie recently starred in the HBO drama “The Staircase” in the movie “Do Revenge.” She will next appear in the British crime series ‘Joan’, in which she portrays real-life criminal “Godmother” Joan Hannington. On the other hand, Harington’s most recent projects include the TV series ‘Extrapolations’ and ‘Lot No. 249’, as well as the films ‘Blood for Dust’ and ‘Baby Ruby’.