“GRAMMY next year will be our goal” says J-Hope in the recent ‘BTS’ interview with Zoom

Zoom has recently interviewed the most famous K-pop band ‘BTS’ where the members where spotted speaking about their experiences and future agendas

The Korean band ‘BTS’ has recently launched their new track titled ‘Butter’ which is a dance-pop track with summer vibes. The South Korean band is a group of seven members, involves Jimin, RM, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jung Kook and Jin. ‘BTS’ in their exclusive interview with Zoom has spoken about their new launch and their personal experience while creating it.

When the host (Sakshma Srivastam) in the interview questioned Jin about his singing skills getting overshadowed by his good looks, to which Jin reciprocate, “I did think my looks overshadows my singing, looking good it’s actually a plus factor not a minus, of course, looks could distract you a little, but I think it’s an additional factor and not something that takes away something. It’s like adding decoration on delicious food.”

Further when J-Hope was asked about the goals and the position where ‘BTS’ is reputed right now, to which he confided “We reached to where we are now with all these dreams that we had, but I think from the core, we were just doing our things, enjoying what we do and everything aligned like destiny so from here, rather than setting a specific goal if we keep our work and do our best, I am sure good things will follow us and GRAMMY’s next year would be one of our goals too.”
RM while expressing his views on social pressure says that it has never been easy for the group, as the band releases two or three songs and 8 to 10 tracks in a year, and the audience expectations are very high every time, so it will be a lie if they say there is no pressure and is always full of joy. By summarising his whole ideology on the pressure he added, “Its never been easy, and it will never be, but it’s still fun and that’s the biggest motivation we have that what BTS is right now and will be forever”.

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