Here’s a quick look on Andrew Tate’s BBC interview


The unpopular social media personality Andrew Tate recently gave an interview to the BBC.

In the interview, Andrew was accused of rape, human trafficking, and exploiting women. He was also being investigated by Romanian prosecutors. This also marks Tate’s first television interview with a major network after his house arrest from police custody.

Let us briefly discuss the important points from the interview:

●Andrew’s view has always made an impact on young minds. This was confronted by schoolteachers, senior police figures, and rights campaigners. However, all this criticism didn’t bite him; instead, he stated it as “absolute garbage.”

●Even he replied that his controversial sayings shouldn’t be taken seriously. They are sarcasm or jokes and shouldn’t be misunderstood. Though he tried hard to explain his point, his explanations felt short.

●When the interviewer confronted him with accusations of rape, human trafficking, and exploitation of women, Tate quickly denied them. He labelled the woman who was interviewed by the BBC as “imaginary,” even questioned her existence, and said it was the manipulation of the media.

●During the interview, Tate seemed to forcefully appear as a godly person, and whatever he quotes is for the betterment of the world.

The interview with the BBC revealed his unexpected attitude towards the allegations. He seemed to fail to provide any promising explanations.

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