How hands-free technology will help ensure safety after COVID-19 in 2022 and how you can make money with Casinos

Since the outbreak of COVID in late 2019, many public settings have prioritised contactless interactions between individuals and objects. Limiting points of contact in public spaces, such as casinos, significantly reduces the contamination of common objects and, by extension, the people who come in contact with such objects.

Thankfully, the presence of hands-free technology provides contactless solutions that help curtail the spread of COVID. Many Indian casinos have integrated these solutions to protect their customers from getting infected by the virus.

We asked the opinion of our guest IT expert Monin Manne about the biggest developments in the wake of the virus. Here’s a quick look at how hands-free technology will ensure our safety in 2022, and afterwards, Monin will give you some tips on making some money with online casinos during the lockdown. Read more from Monin here.

Automatic Doors

Normal doors require contact (either pull or push) to open or close them. However, this contact aids the transmission of germs to the doors and their handles. In the face of a global pandemic like COVID, such reckless transmission of germs may significantly increase the rate at which people get infected with the disease. Automatic doors provide an easy yet effective way to reduce hand-to-door contact. These doors use sensor technology to detect when the door should open or close without any need for touch.

Contactless Hand Dryers and Soap Dispensers

Touchless automatic hand dryers and sanitiser dispensers reduce the rate of spread of germs because they do not require physical contact. To use a contactless hand dryer, individuals simply need to put their hands under the machine without touching it. Touchless soap dispensers work similarly, as well.

Hands-Free Betting

Hands-free betting technology eliminates the need to visit a physical casino to place your bets. Some of the best online casino in India have implemented hands-free betting that allows you to use voice commands to navigate the site and place your bets. With this new voice-activation technology, you can view upcoming matches, watch a match or bet on your favourite games with just a simple voice command.

How Can You Make Money with Casinos In 2022?

There are several ways you can make money online in an Indian online casino. You can choose to play casino games like poker and slots to win some money, or you could bet on sports events like cricket if you’re a sports enthusiast.

The best online casino in India offers sports betting and casino games. Suppose you’re one of the many Indians who love cricket. In that case, you can convert your passion into real money by visiting Indian online casinos and playing the new games created for cricket lovers – read this to learn more

Sports betting is just one of the ways you can make money in an Indian online casino. Here are a few other ways.

Take Advantage of Promotions

The best online casino in India offers amazing promotional offers to everyone, including new bettors. Find the best no deposit bonus casino India that offers various welcome offers and regular reload bonuses for existing clients.

Taking advantage of these promotions will help you increase your winnings and make a profit. When trying to make the best of a promotional offer on an Indian online casino, don’t get carried away and make sure that the terms and conditions are fair.

Join The VIP Club

Many Indian online casino sites have a VIP program that is typically easy to join. There are usually very few requirements, and almost anyone can join. You gain access to freebies, bonus deals and promotional offers, and free spins when you join this club. These bonuses help increase your winnings and allow you to make more money from Indian online casinos in 2022.

Play Slot Tournaments

If you’re confident in your slot-playing skills, an excellent way to make money online is through online slot tournaments. There’s always an exciting cash prize to be won at the end, and nice consolation prizes you can still enjoy even if you didn’t win. Many Indian online casino sites hold slot tournaments from time to time. These slot tournaments are fair, enjoyable, and open to everyone.


The virus has forced our world to adapt, and many new hands-free technologies have been implemented that will make our world safer and more hygienic even after the pandemic. As gambling becomes more popular during the lockdown, it’s important to use the tips provided in this article to keep your bankroll green.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.

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