How to become a corporate influencer in a few simple steps


Who said that the job of influencer can only be done by young or very young good-looking people, web celebrities with thousands of followers, and lots of new products to offer to their audience? People who use social media to generate profit, or at least some sort of added value for their brand, can belong to any age group, any status, or social condition.

The most complex aspect, when it comes to influencer marketing, is related to their positioning on the web and in their specific target market. The most difficult part, in all likelihood, consists precisely in choosing a niche or a certain market segment to exploit for one’s online communication, thus turning it into the primary basis for one’s content and services that will be offered through the web.

Specific sectors

This choice can arise from three different sources: a personal interest or passion for the subject matter, which would thus push the person in question to delve even deeper into that specific sector and to create his or her own channels in which to address a variety of issues related to that particular topic.

The choice of the sector to which to devote oneself, in some cases, may also represent the fruit of a shrewd and well-thought-out choice, perhaps following in-depth research into the most attractive and profitable merchandise categories for that particular time of year, or that could, in any case, allow a willing person to create a certain turnover and keep it constant over time, also thanks to the valuable and very useful contribution ensured by the traffic of buyers generated by social networks.

The third source is the one most closely related to work, to the world of business and professions: in this case, the person finds himself in the condition of having to exploit the online channels of his company in order to become a sort of influencer in a suit – or rather, an opinion leader -, imposing himself in his specific sector also thanks to the strength of the content that he will be able to publish on the web, on social media, and in which he will obviously have to appear in the first person, putting his face in every single piece of content that will appear online.

The responsibility of executives

CEOs, senior executives, and managers, as well as, of course, all the senior figures that make up a company’s organizational chart, thus have a valuable opportunity to put their knowledge and experience to good use and offer it to the general public online, thus strengthening their reputation in a given field and also creating a following of loyal people who have come to appreciate the goodness of the content they have published.

In order to achieve these goals, top executives will not only have to find the courage to express themselves in person, but they will also have to be very careful not to post the same kind of content on different social media, LinkedIn, for example, an opinion or an opinion expressed through textual content would be preferable, while on Facebook and Instagram videos may also be posted in which the corporate executive addresses a particular issue related to a product, a company service, or an ethical issue particularly dear to the brand.

It is not uncommon for brands to entrust their experts with the creation of content to be published online. Many companies, within their blogs or special virtual spaces created within their sites, have, for example, included posts or lengthy textual commentaries created by some of their best experts, with the aim of publishing an authoritative and worthy opinion with which to stimulate the interest of readers (and perhaps future followers).

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With a little courage (and luck), every executive or corporate expert today has the valuable opportunity to become an influencer, a network celebrity, laying bare their skills and throwing them out to the web audience.

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