How to Create Winning Teams in Fantasy Cricket Games

For the last few years, fantasy sports has been one of the fastest growing segments in the sports ecosystem. When you play fantasy cricket games on a fantasy app like Howzat, it allows you to get much closer to the action and your heroes on the field. You can download this free fantasy cricket app from the Play Store and play unlimited practice games to get the hang of it. If you want to challenge real players across the country and beat them, here are a few tips that will help you create a winning team, time after time. As with real cricket, success isn’t based on rocket science, but common sense and attention to details.

1. Know the conditions

Just as with real-world cricket, good preparation is half the challenge. Be aware of where the game is being played and the historical trends at that venue. If it’s typically a dry, grass-free surface, there will usually be plenty of runs and some assistance for the spinners. A green-tinged pitch brings the seam bowlers into play. In addition to this, monitor the weather conditions. Overcast, grey conditions usually favor quick bowlers and make batting a challenge. Teams may alter their combinations just before the toss based on the climatic conditions. The last thing you want is to end up a player or two short, so check out the playing XIs immediately after the toss and make any necessary changes to your team.

2. Pick on form, not reputation

Even legendary players go through lean patches. Don’t pick players based on just reputation. Look at players’ recent form and select them accordingly. Certain players will have an affinity for specific opponents or venues. That should play a part in your selection. Opt for players who have been consistent, but don’t ignore those who are in the middle of a great run of form. Moreover, make sure you choose those who have thrived in that particular format. A great ODI batter may not necessarily be a good fit for a T20 side, which requires fast scoring from the start. Similarly, T20 bowling calls for a unique skill set that involves far more variations and changes of pace.

3. Balance is key

You need to select at least three batters and bowlers each, and a minimum of one all-rounder and wicketkeeper. Again, the conditions should play a part in your choices. In bowling-friendly conditions, all-rounders who bat lower down the order are much more likely to come into play with both the bat and the ball. And it makes sense to have a few specialist batters capable of overcoming the testing conditions.

4. Pick top-order batters

Whether it’s an ODI or a T20 game, it’s statistically proven that the most balls are faced by the batters in the top 4. If you want your fantasy team to rack up the points, one of the first steps is to pick openers capable of giving explosive starts and then batting through an innings. The same is expected of No. 3 and No. 4, with consistency going hand in hand with fast scoring. These players are usually the backbone of your fantasy team.

5. Choose wicket-taking bowlers

Fantasy cricket differs quite a bit from the real game in the weightage it gives to wickets and economy rate. Out in the middle, a spell of 0 for 20 would prove invaluable for the team. But in fantasy leagues, you’d much rather pick a bowler who took 3 wickets, even if he or she ends up going for 40 runs. Breaking partnerships tends to slow down the scoring rate in any case. Look at bowlers’ strike rates closely before you select them.

6. Bring balance with all-rounders and a wicketkeeper

In-form all-rounders are your fantasy team’s insurance policy. If the specialist batters and bowlers have an off day, these are the players who can pick up the slack and transform a game in the matter of a few overs. The best ones are usually capable of batting high up the order and bowling a full quota of overs. In the modern game, the wicketkeeper is also an all-rounder. No longer do teams look only for a safe pair of gloves. They also want someone who can score quickly, often at the top of the order. Adam Gilchrist started the trend and many teams around the world still swear by it.

7. X-factor picks

No matter how creative your thinking is, the chances are that your fantasy team will have at least 2 or 3 names in common with that of most other players. To get an advantage, what’s crucial is your knowledge of the fringe players and their qualities. Emerging talent can transform a team’s performance and can certainly be the difference between winning and losing a fantasy league. So as much as you bank on tried-and-tested names, do keep an eye out for fresh talent. The sooner they come into your team, the quicker you can march to the top of the leagues.

8. Practice makes perfect

Don’t be shy to experiment with different strategies and combinations. An app like Howzat allows you to create multiple teams for a single contest. It’s a great way to figure out for yourself which combinations work best.

Once you have got a sense of how best to play fantasy cricket and beat your competitors, download the Howzat fantasy cricket cash app from Howzat’s official website. The platform offers unique features like the Beat the Legend challenge, where you can take on several World-Cup winners like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Irfan Pathan. Show off your expertise and win huge cash prizes. It will transform the way you watch cricket.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.

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