‘I don’t disturb him, he is busy’: Yuvraj Singh on whether he talks to Virat Kohli  

After Yuvraj Singh’s shocking statement that he and MS Dhoni are not good friends, another video clip has gone viral in which Yuvi says he doesn’t disturb Virat Kohli because the latter is too busy.

When the winner of the T20 and ODI World Cup spoke on the show “TRS Clips,” the anchor questioned him if he is in touch with Kohli. In response, Yuvraj said, “Not really. He is busy, I don’t disturb him much.”

When Kohli made his debut, Yuvraj was a senior and an established player. Yuvraj had previously won the T20 World Cup at the time. When asked about Kohli the youngster, the former India allrounder did not respond openly.

“Young Virat Kohli’s name was cheeku, today’s cheeku is called Virat Kohli. There is a lot of difference,” said Yuvraj.

The Indian team is frequently spotted playing football during training and Yuvraj stated that he had a lot of fights with other players during the game.

“I have had fights with Virat a lot of times during football, I had fights with (Ashish) Nehra, Viru (Virender Sehwag) in football. It happens,” said Yuvraj.

When the anchor asked if Kohli was a good footballer, Yuvraj said, “He feels so. He has skills, but I have more skills than him in football. He is a brilliant batsman, I am the better footballer. He thinks he is Cristiano Ronaldo but he is not. In cricket, he is.”


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