India at the UNGA mentions it wants ‘normal’ neighborly relations all countries including Pakistan

India has said that it is looking forward to “normal” neighborly relations with all countries including Pakistan. India has declared the responsibility of creating a “conducive atmosphere” on Islamabad and has asked Islamabad not to allow the region to be used for cross-border terrorism against India.

At the UN General Assembly meeting on the report of the Security Council for 2020 the Counsellor in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, R Madhu Sudan mentioned that “our consistent position is that issues, if any, between India and Pakistan should be resolved bilaterally and peacefully, in an atmosphere free of terror, hostility and violence.” India has also asked Pakistan to take “credible, verifiable action” if the territory of Islamabad is used for any kind of cross-border terrorism.

During the same meeting, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Munir Akram brought up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir to which R Madhu Sudan said that he feels it’s unfortunate that Pakistan proceeded to revel in topics that were not apt for the forum. he added to that by saying that Pakistan attempted to misuse the UNGA forum and repetitively raised matters internal to India and Pakistan only.

India also reemphasized the necessity for review of the UN peacekeeping operations, the flagship tool for the preservation of international peace and security

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