India hopes that countries normalize travel with it soon

On Thursday, India urged countries to normalize travel with India since they had started the travel bubble and cut travel links with India during the second wave and the surge in COVID-19 cases in the months of April and May.

The positive cases of COVID-19 had exponentially increased in India during the summer months of April-May with when the country was averaging about 300,000 to 400,000 cases at its highest with the death toll per day reaching 4,600 on one day, which was a global record. As of now, the daily infections have now come down to the 60,000 mark and various parts of the country that were in lockdown are now tentatively reopening.

Arindam Bagchi who is the spokesman for the Indian Foreign Ministry has said that a few countries have taken the first step to open borders to India and that the Indian Government would proceed to bestow this the high priority. He has also mentioned that said that there is a plan in place by India’s National Health Authority to conduct an event during which India will be sharing details regarding the develop the CoWin app that is currently in use track of India’s vaccination drive.

When Bagchi was questioned about getting the World Health Organization seal of approval for the indigenously developed Covaxin, he mentioned that the government was closely following the works of Bharat Biotech to receive the emergency use listing authorization from WHO.

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