Insights into Gaming Market in India [2022]

In India, video games started in 1958, with Atari console games in the limelight. These were then introduced into digital gaming platforms in the 2000s, where they switched to PC gaming. During the mid-2000s, it became vastly popular in the form of social games and became the booming industry we know today. With this, video games have grown from humble beginnings into thriving gaming markets.

You can also expect more from India’s gaming industry this 2023. According to Roland Landers, CEO of the All-India Gaming Federation (AIGF), gaming will see its rise next year along with the rise of users, investments, and revenue. Moreover, there is no denying the that changes will take place with accessible internet, new gaming genres, multiple gaming options, and the emergence of web 3.0:

India’s Gaming Market

In 2017, India’s online gaming world made quite the headlines, especially with 190 million gamers. Moreover, this number continued to increase as soon as the global pandemic hit. With the need to stay indoors, Indians sought video games as immersive entertainment.

Such an increase led to a surge in India’s gaming industry, valued to be $2.6 billion this year. Moreover, the market will continue to grow as it’s estimated to be worth $8.6 billion by 2027. Thus, you can expect growth in game developments with mobile, console, and pc gaming.

Mobile Gaming

It’s no wonder India’s online gaming industry has grown in leaps when there is an expected number of 931.3 million smartphone users by the end of the calendar year (CY) 2022. Moreover, these phone users have accumulated 420 million online gamers.

This number has dramatically increased from 360 million gamers in 2020 to 390 million in 2021. Moreover, gamers will continue to flood in, as the report made by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) expects 450 million by 2023.

Online gaming allows players to choose between genres like role-playing, fantasy, casual, and card games. You can choose from Arcus Online, World of Kings, or Adventure Quest 3D for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). You can try casual games such as Bubble Crush or Candy Saga, or you can also try card games that will test your skill and luck, like baccarat or blackjack online, to broaden your gaming experience.

You can also expect India’s gaming industry to focus its next steps around women gamers and to make gaming more cost-friendly and accessible. Not only this, but gaming developers are also looking towards creating more news games to accommodate a wider audience. Overall, online gamers will grow even more with their classic and newly-developed genres.

Console Gaming

With India’s wireless connections improved, so did a definite paradigm shift from console to mobile gaming. However, such change didn’t hinder console gaming from contributing to India’s gaming industry altogether.

In 2016, the console gaming market made up 35.5 percent of India’s gaming industry. Moreover, console gaming is expected to grow by about 36.34 percent in 2022, an undeniable growth from the numbers it made over the past six years.

Moreover, 2022 is seeing multiple video game releases, making it an exciting year for mobile and console players. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet make all the rage, especially for Switch players. You can expect a surge of video game releases this December 2022, such as Resident Evil and Dragon Quest Treasures.

PC Gaming

With the introduction of Intel India’s 13th generation of desktop processors, the company also expects an outpour of PC gaming in the market. Akshay Kamath, the Director of PC Client Sales in Intel India, expressed his optimism about transitioning from mobile to PC gaming. Moreover, such a transition was evident, especially during the pandemic, when people could play on PCs as they offered a bigger screen and a more decadent selection of games.

Additionally, the PC gaming market has constantly increased with the help of AAA games, a classification within the gaming industry reserved for high-profile games. They are often ranked as “blockbusters” because of their popularity within the gaming market. Due to this, the PC market was expected to grow by about $106 million this year.

The Emergence of Web 3.0

With India’s development from a console, mobile, to PC, it will see a new era focused on decentralization, AR, VR, and the metaverse – a concept known as Web 3.0 or Web3. This blockchain technology allows players to own tokens bound with the help of smart contracts. Moreover, such contracts will allow gamers to trade, record, verify, and own digital tokens.

With Web 3.0, the gaming industry will welcome a new stream of players as video games will allow them to earn money. Likewise, players can use the money to purchase items and sell them to other users inside the game or outside the online world. The gaming industry will soar to new heights as video games equate to investments.

Final Thoughts

In 2022, India’s gaming market will be three times that of the U.S, making it a booming industry that will continue to grow. Moreover, no one can deny a large flow of gamers, especially with new video games constantly being released, game developments upgraded, and gaming modes widened.

Overall, India’s gaming market will continue to change with the times – as it has since its origins in 1958 until the latest, Web 3.0.

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