IPL 2021: Punjab King’s Deepak Hooda gets himself trapped into a silly runout by RR’s Axar Patel and Hetmyer

Hooda departs scoring just a single after getting into a confusing run-out.

In the 13th over, Axar took over the responsibilities. He bowled shorter and in middle. Mayank Agarwal moved to the leg side and pushes the ball in the cover region. Mayank wanted a single but Hooda hesitated.

This created confusion between the two batters. Hetmyer took advantage of the situation and runs to his right, dives, and picks up the ball. Hetmyer makes an excellent throw to Axar Patel succeeding him to take off the bails easily.

Mayank and Deepak both are at the non-striker’s end as Axar Patel bangs the bails off, as both the batters don’t have their bats in the crease. They got themselves tricked into a silly runout. However, the third empire was called to verify which batter will be considered to leave. The third empire decided it must be Deepak Hooda to back walk to the pavilion. Axar completed the over with 2 wickets.


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