IPL 2021: Quinton hits his first half century of the season

Quinton de Kock fifty keeps Mumbai strong

Quinton De Kock has provided MI the perfect start, despite Rohit Sharma’s struggles with the left-arm position. He’s been under the gun due to bad form, but he’s set some important limits for MI.

RR, though, strikes right near the end. Rohit has never succeeded in bringing his strike rate above 100, and he intends to crack Morris’s final Powerplay ball. He misses the mark and drives it right to the fielder in the middle of the field. For his first over, Rahul Chahar gets the job done.

Buttler looks threatening when he struck Rahul for yet another six, but he drops his wicket trying to get another huge one. Buttler comes right down the wicket and totally loses the ball when it bends far from him, leaving Quinton to finish the job.

This is Quinton’s first half century in the IPL 2021 and overall it’s his 15th of the tournament. To achieve 50 runs, he required only 35 balls. He’ll be a satisfied person as a result of his experience. With a fifty, the IPL slim phase is now over. Mumbai would be ecstatic to see their favorite opener in the middle of the order.
Quinton de Kock has now found his stride. With a boundary through endpoint and a short third man, Mustafizur Rahman is welcomed. Next pitch, he hits a maximum over small fine leg. He’s putting up an excellent innings today, not just slamming his bats against anything.


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