Is Queen Cleopatra a documentary?

Here is all the information you want on the upcoming Netflix series based on the famous Egyptian pharaoh’s historical veracity.

The newest Netflix series to reach screens and cause a stir is Queen Cleopatra. With people coming to the show to discover more about this depiction of the Egyptian Queen, it shot into the top 10 rankings right off the bat.

People watching are eager to discover more about the Netflix series, which stars John Partridge as Julius Ceasar, Craig Russell as Mark Antony, and Adele James as Cleopatra. Is the Queen Cleopatra series on Netflix a drama or a documentary?


Is Queen Cleopatra a documentary?

While Queen Cleopatra is a factual series that examines the life and rule of the famous Egyptian monarch, it also includes substantial and lengthy theatrical reconstruction segments in which the cast plays the actual historical individuals.

As a result, it is a hybrid of drama and documentary, featuring expert interviews on Cleopatra and dramatised historical reenactments.

The television series African Queens, of which Queen Cleopatra is the second season, initially explored the life and reign of Queen Nzinga through a similar lens. There is a full new season of Queen Cleopatra available on Netflix if you enjoy the show and want more.

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