Jacqueline Fernandez files complaint against Sukesh Chandrasekhar over harassment

Jacqueline Fernandez has got herself involved in the money laundering case against conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar. He has written love letters to Jacqueline from jail many times, and he doesn’t seem to stop, even though the actress has denied any relationship with him. According to reports, the actress has now requested the Delhi Commissioner for help in this case.

According to Indian Express, the actress has sent a letter to Sanjay Arora, the head of police, expressing her concern about the systematic failure.

She has stated that she is under psychological pressure and targeted intimidation.

In December 2023, she reached the court to take urgent action against Sukesh for his letters, messages and statements taking her name.

In her recent appeal to the Commissioner, the actress urged the top police official to take action quickly on the matter. The letter goes into detail and states that Sukesh, who is in Mandoli Jail, has been using intimidating tactics against her. She also appealed for the filing of an FIR to guarantee her protection as a witness in a case under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA).

“These actions do not merely impinge upon my individual rights; they strike at the heart of our justice system. The principle of witness protection, which is fundamental to the administration of justice, has been compromised, undermining the credibility and efficacy of our legal institutions,” she stated.

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