James Gunn reveals why Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ won’t be part of his new DCU

Since the announcement of the DCU, it has been evident that Robert Pattinson’s Batman isn’t going to be a part of the new universe led by James Gunn, since the previous director, Matt Reeves, will be creating his own Batverse with its characters.

Fans were wondering about the future of the Caped Crusader with the new actor playing him and James Gunn recently explained why Matt Reeves’ The Batman Universe was created into another franchise instead of being part of the upcoming DC Universe.

The DCU co-boss responded to a fan’s question on social media on why Matt Reeves’ The Batman was left out of the new universe. James Gunn responded to Threads by stating that the director chose to keep his take on the Dark Knight separate. “It’s not an ‘allowed’ thing, it’s Matt’s choice, and we respect that,” wrote the DC boss, who also gave an update on The Batman Part II, admitting that he had “heard a pitch” from Reeves for the much-anticipated sequel but hadn’t yet seen a script.

The Batman film, helmed and co-written by Reeves and featuring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, who is just in his second year of crime fighting, received appreciation from the audiences. After its huge success, the film was renewed for a second installment, which is under production with the same director.

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