Jarmanpreet Singh: Mental fitness is equally important to physical fitness

The Indian men’s Hockey defender Jarmanpreet Singh finds mental fitness equally important to that of physical fitness. The 24-year-old Singh mentioned that the fellow mates have been helping each other to create a positive atmosphere within the team which also boasts the morale of the players.

“I feel mental fitness is as important as physical fitness to deal with the current situations. A player needs to be mentally strong, and for that, we have been helping each other. We communicate with each other, we try to create a positive environment around so that everyone stays in a happy zone. I feel because of this, there’s a very good team bonding, which has been helping us with our preparations for the Olympics,” said Jarmanpreet.

Singh also expressed how the Indian Hockey Team is dealing with the current pandemic situation that has restricted all their international tours ahead of the Tokyo  Olympics. He also mentioned that the team and the staff share things and keep happy vibes for keeping mental stability. He mentioned how they not only talk about hockey but also share things from off field

Indian defender also stated how the team is preparing for the Olympic games ahead this year. Singh said, “My focus remains only on giving my best, with the full energy, and trying to improve every day at the training. I put on a challenge to myself that, I should keep reducing my margin of error.”

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