Jason Holder feels that ‘anti-racism movement in cricket needs to re-spark and re-engage’

Last year, the West Indies cricket team were amongst the first two international teams to make an effort to support Black Lives Matter. The all-rounder, Jason Holder says that the anti-racism movement in cricket needs more than just players taking a knee before matches for it to have some meaning and substances. The West Indies were supporting Black Lives Matter last year due to the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer.

Holder had said to ESPNcricinfo.com that the team had a few discussions about that and he felt like the way some people think it’s now a watered-down action taken before the games. He would like to see some new initiative to spark the movement again. He doesn’t want people to think that the team is supporting because Black Lives Matter, that’s the addition and that’s the norm.

He further said he would like to see more emphasis and thought process going into actually re-sparking and re-engaging the movement. Jason added by saying that the movement can be done again as a group. Through a video collage or a video message, just to reiterate what the movement stands for and what that’s all about.

South African player Dean Elgar said that “Kraigg Braithwaite, himself and two other team managers had a meeting with West Indies cricket yesterday and they had given the players their right to perform their gestures. If players were comfortable with taking the campaign, they could. On the other hand, if the players weren’t comfortable, they should take a stand to attend the campaign to respect the movement.”

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