Jio collaborates with SEGA to bring Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to India

The Indian telecommunication kingpin, Reliance Jio has collaborated with a Japanese gaming company named SEGA to develop new games to add to the Jio Games Store. As of now, it is known that two games that were proposed by SEGA are Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Streets of Rage 3. Athwart Europe and the United States of America, the two games are amidst the foremost big titles under gaming. Jio has said that the games will currently be played with multiple devices within the Jio ecosystem. It has also mentioned that JioFiber users are at an advantage and will have primary to access these SEGA games.

Taking it a step forward, SEGA will also be contriving the games to be able to offer them in local languages across India. Jio and SEGA games are trailblazers, as these will be the first games to be available in Tamil and Hindi. Jio is pioneering as it brings two world-class games featuring SEGA’s most emblematic character, Sonic the Hedgehog to the Indian gaming market as well as one of Japan’s most prominent street fighting game series, Streets of Rage 3.

The pandemic has caused a crescendo in the online gaming industry with a 20% increase in daily active users and the revenue for the industry mounted to ₹7,700 crores in 2020 is presumed to reach ₹15,500 crores by 2023. Jio has made the smart move of bringing these games to India now as there is a prominent rise in the gaming sector.

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