Juhi Chawla: What are you grateful for today?

Mumbai, May 12 (IANS) Actress Juhi Chawla on Wednesday inspired netizens to count their blessings at a time when the nation is battling a deadly second wave of Covid-19.

“I read this today morning… Once you carry your own water; you will learn the value of every drop! This quote embodies a mindset of gratitude. By carrying the weight of the task, and experiencing for yourself the effort required to produce the result, you’ll develop a new level of respect for everything that goes into it. Now read that again. What are you grateful for today? #BreakTheChain #Covidpositivity #PositiveMindset,” Juhi shared in an Instagram post.

Juhi recently took to social media to encourage people to plant more trees at a time when the nation is battling Covid-19 and a huge number of people are dying due to oxygen shortage among other problems caused by the virus.

“When I think about my children, I think about the world we dwell in, I think about will they have to walk around in masks for the air will be so toxic, will they be devoid of clean drinking water, will they know the feeling of gazing the sky while lying down on the green grass in a park? I think it is our individual responsibility to preserve & tend to the world in which we all live. We can start by planting trees,” the actress had recently shared on Instagram.

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