Kane Williamson: The biggest strength of Indian cricket in any format is their depth

Kane Williamson feels his team requires to come up with different strategies to counter the challenge from Indian spinners

New Zealand captain Kane Williamson recently spoke about the upcoming test series against India. He feels that his team needs to think of different tactics to fight Team India.

While answering a question from IANS in the pre-match press conference on Wednesday, Kane told, “We know the strength of the Indian spin bowlers and they have been fantastic for a long period. For us, it’s looking to come up with different methods and ways to look to score and trying to be effective and build those partnerships which are important. Every player’s different, so their ways will be slightly different from one another but no doubt, a lot of thoughts have been going in to try and prepare as well as we can for some of the challenges, we know we are going to face”

He further added, “I am sure throughout the whole series, the spin component will be a definite factor. It’s no different here at Kanpur. I think we played here in the last match in 2016 but things have changed a little bit. It will be about assessing those conditions as quickly as possible and trying to make those adjustments as a side quickly.”

He concluded by saying, “It’s trying to come out with a game plan so to accommodate that as well as you can while looking to score. Several teams have come here in the past and faced similar challenges. So, the expectation will be not too different and there will be a large spin component throughout the series. The guys have been trying to prepare as well as they can and are looking forward to that challenge.”


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