Malika Arora reveals that her son is a fitness freak, makes him practice Yoga everyday

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Bollywood celeb Malika Arora reveals to E-Times some secrets of Yoga and how she encourages her son Arhaan Khan to exercise Yoga every day.

Bollywood actress Malika Arora, is a fond of fitness and Yoga, and she often shares some of her Yoga rituals on her social media handles.

Today, on the occasion of International Yoga Day, the actress revealed some secrets of Yoga to E-Times. She further elaborated about her son Arhaan being inspired towards fitness and how she encourages him to practice Yoga every day.

The actress said to E-Times, “Yes, he (Arhaan) is also very much into fitness. See he’s at the age where he wants to go to the gym and build muscles. But he also knows the importance of Yoga because I keep telling him every single day.”

She further added, “So yes, Arhaan is slowly incoperating it in his workout as well, because I’ve told him that he has to do a little bit of Yoga because that’s what will keep his body supple and flexible. He is also pretty obsessed with wanting to be fit, which I’m really glad about”.

Malika Arora wo has described herself as a ‘Yogi’ in her Instagram bio, said, “For me, it’s yoga day every day because yoga is a way of life as it has taught me so much more than I can pen down here. However, let me take this opportunity and wish all of you’ll a happy International Day Of Yoga.”

Arhaan Khan is a 18- year’s old son of Malaika Arora with her ex-husband and actor Arbaaz Khan. Malaika and Arbaaz were married for 19 years before they got separated in 2017. Arhaan makes frequent appearances on his mom’s Instagram posts.

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