Mechanism for TV channel’s regulation formalised by the Centre

Bringing the ad-hoc structure of self-regulation under a formal framework with a three-tier mechanism, the government has amended the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994 to mandate the same. Mentioning that there must be self-regulation by broadcasters, self-regulating bodies of the broadcasters and an oversight mechanism by the government, a gazette notification was issued on 17th June by the Union government.

According to a government official, although there is already self-regulation, just a legal term is being put and there are around 900 channels across which the new guidelines will be applied. Within 24 of a complaint received, an acknowledgement for the same shall be issued by the broadcasters.

A further escalation of the complaint to the self-regulatory body can be done if the complainant is not satisfied with the response that has to be filed within 15 days. The complainant can escalate the matter to an oversight mechanism which will be an inter-ministerial government body if the self-regulatory body fails to address the complaint within 60 days.

The government’s directives were being studied and a response on the same could be expected in a few days as mentioned by the NDTV editorial director Sonia Singh.

This has been under consideration ever since the television space was liberalised in the 1990s and a better assessment shall be offered once read the fine print of the government’s new guidelines are read, as mentioned by the former minister for information and broadcasting Manish Tiwari.

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