No. 4 is my favorite batting position- Priyam Garg

Cricketing youngster Priyam Garg divulged that the NO.4 position is where he looks to come out bat but adding to this, he also said he can bat at any position when the team needs him.

Garg, who represents Uttar Pradesh in the Indian domestic circuit reveals his preferred batting position. Whereas, for the SRH, he played at no.4 and no.6.

Garg, in an interview with India TV, admitted that he prefers playing at the no.4 position. But, he’s not hesitant to go to the middle at any spot when the team demands him. He said in regard “My favorite batting position is No. 4. I am really comfortable at that position and feel that I can give my best when I am batting at that spot. But all the players are happy to bat as per the team’s demands and requirements. My thought process is also the same. I am willing to bat anywhere for the team. That is what matters the most.”

Indian cricketing side has been struggling to find a No. 4 in ODIs for a while now. Shreyas Iyer, who’s been seen coming out to bat at this position has cemented the position for the time being, But, the position remains an open one for now. So, when Priyam got quizzed whether he’s eyeing for this spot, he answered, “I am not looking at any particular batting spot. But like any youngster, I aspire to play for the country. My ultimate goal is to play for India. Then it is up to the team to decide which is the best batting spot for me.”

Priyam Garg led India from the front during the U-19 World Cup in 2020, where the team got defeated to Bangladesh. Uttar Pradesh player has played 12 first-class matches to date and has scored 867 runs at an average of 66.69, with a best of 206.

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