Premier League clubs ask Florentino Perez to dissolve European Super League project

The six Premier League clubs that were originally involved in the European Super League are planning to request Florentino Perez to dissolve the company created to launch the project

The European Super League is a proposed breakaway competition from the UEFA Champions League that initially had the support of 12 founding clubs. However, three days after the unveiling of plans to commence the league were announced; the league suspended its operations due to massive protests in England by fans of English clubs who opposed the league and the subsequent exit of 9 founding members. A major criticism of the league by the fans and media was that it promoted elitism and a lack of competitiveness.

Only 3 clubs out of the original 12 founding members remain – Juventus, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. On 31 May 2021, the Super League Company filed a complaint to the Court of Justice of the European Union against Swiss-based FIFA and UEFA for their proposals finalized to stop the organization of the competition.

In the next few days, the six Premier League clubs will ask Perez to dissolve the company behind the ESL project. The English clubs have already informed the other clubs that pulled out namely Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan. Once the Madrid president has received the request, he will have between two and four weeks to call a board meeting of all members in order to dissolve the league. If he refuses to do so, sources say that Premier League clubs would not hesitate in taking legal action against Perez.

This week, La Liga president Javier Tebas — a vocal critic of the Super League — said that he believed the clubs could be excluded from Europe’s top club competition.

“Rather than a punishment, UEFA could not register Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League. I think they could be left out,” Tebas told Spain’s GOL TV.

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