Reasons why 70Trades is the new best trading platform

A cutting-edge, user-friendly trading platform featuring a variety of financial instruments, an intuitive design, and many helpful tools is called 70Trades. It is suited for both novice and seasoned traders, and the mobile app provides you the chance to trade whenever, whenever, and with just a single touch. Among the many advantages, you receive just for registering to the site are the free training and the committed support team that is always available. With 70Trades, you can keep up with the markets, receive real-time alerts and updates, and never miss a chance to profit.

A recently introduced cutting-edge brokerage platform called 70Trades has completely revolutionized the internet trading industry. Although the platform itself is young, the brokers running it has a lot of experience, which the traders may use to their advantage and advance swiftly. The status of 70Trades is that of a licensed broker who is trustworthy and open.

What it offers

A trader can choose from a wide range of forex pairs, indices, commodities, stocks, and CFDs at 70Trades because it is permitted to provide services on numerous online trading exchanges. With the use of its platform and automated trading tools, its clients have made large profits.

Trading plans

Every trader has a different set of needs and expectations from his broker. This is typically caused by the disparity in their trading experience and market knowledge. Beginner-level professional traders choose cutting-edge trading tools, while advanced-level professional traders prefer educational courses and an intuitive trading platform. 70Trades has created three trading strategies to suit the needs of its clients.

  • Entry-level plan

According to its name, this strategy has been designed for beginners; as a result, it offers free e-books, fundamental training, 1:200 leverage, and a personal account manager to supervise and provide guidance as needed.

  • Advanced plan

This trading strategy is appropriate for investors who have previously traded in this market and are looking to move up from average brokers to brokers who adhere to all current industry standards.

  • Pro plan

With its top-notch features, such as trading signals and free trading for an entire quarter year, this plan better satisfies experienced traders. Elite traders tend to favor this approach, although the broker accepts all customers without prejudice.

  • It is safe and reliable

Online trading comes with a lot of risks, and regardless of experience, a trader could lose money at any point in his career. But by offering a proper and trader-friendly trading environment, a reputable broker can lessen the likelihood of loss. A broker named 70Trades has done everything possible to ensure that its customers can rely on its trading platform. The broker is highly aware of the value of the security.

  • The balance protection feature

The Balance protection function is the first measure 70Trades has made to maintain a secure trading environment for its customers. In the event of a loss, this feature stops all trading to keep the balance from becoming negative. This prevents traders from owing money to their broker.

  • Different types of bank accounts

To ensure secure and quick deposits and withdrawals, the broker has formed partnerships with all the well-known financial institutions. The banks also offer segregated accounts, which have the function of keeping investor funds for traders and broker funds apart to prevent money from being mishandled.

  • Protection

70Trades is constantly prepared to handle the volatility of the markets for online trading. The broker’s staff is made up of experts who take all necessary precautions to ensure that the trades and clients are safeguarded.

Different trading platforms

There are no downloads or installations needed for the WebProfit platform because it is web-based. There are several different research tools available to you, including live quotations and charts. You can deposit money and withdraw money right from the platform in addition to managing your trading account, and you can always keep up with market changes and breaking financial news.

The mobile PROfit platform is the version that is geared for mobile devices, yet it still offers all the same functionality. It contains a ton of useful features like an easy-to-use UI and is accessible for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Better guidance

For those who are interested in learning more about forex trading and how trading operates in general, this trading platform also offers expert guidance. For novice, intermediate, and experienced traders, there are three sorts of advice. Since there aren’t many institutions that can teach forex trading, it is unquestionably a positive for them.

The three categories include everything from the fundamentals of the forex market in the segment for beginners to more complex ideas like technical analysis and asset monitoring for average traders. Risk management, trading execution tactics, and thorough analysis are the main topics covered in the courses that are offered on the 70trades website. Numerous trading platforms, from the most basic to the most sophisticated and professional, might be of great use to prospective traders.

The finest aspect is for novice traders who may require a trial account to practice their trading before logging into their real accounts; speaking of which, novice traders can practice on demo accounts with up to one lac dollars in trading funds. New traders get limitless access to the top trading video tutorials at their disposal. 70trades’ video tutorials are a great resource for expanding one’s trading knowledge and increasing profits. Additionally, some of the top trading instructors and specialists in the Forex markets created videos that are made available by this trading platform.

Efficient customer support

The best way to know about them is to go on the web and read the 70Trades review from a reliable site first. If a brokerage platform wants to keep its customers, providing customer assistance is a key component. Customers’ feedback should be respected, and their issues should always be addressed. 70Trades has a strong customer care division and has always gone above and beyond to please its customers. Except on weekends, its customer service representatives are always available for technical support. Any of the media listed below can be used by traders to contact their broker.

Simple methods of payment for deposit and withdrawal

Although 70Trades accepts payments through a variety of legitimate ways, traders should be aware that the broker fiercely opposes money laundering and has fully implemented the AML policy. After completing a brief registration form with 70Trades, you can fill your account with wire transfers, credit/debit cards, or online payment services like Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, and RuPay. Profits can be taken out using the same three methods as deposits. Since this broker never purposefully delays withdrawal requests, traders can apply for a withdrawal and receive approval the same day. In addition, for security purposes, 70Trades keep a thorough record of each transaction.

Since it has made all of its trading terms public, 70Trades is a transparent broker. Both its security features and customer reviews have attested to its dependability. it is one of the finest brokerage platforms given the broad variety of trading instruments, instructional programs, and trading strategies available. A cutting-edge market maker with a simple interface, a number of useful features, and a wide selection of financial goods is 70Trades. Both novice and experienced traders can use it, and the mobile app makes trading possible anywhere, at any time, with just one click.

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