Sergio Ramos ready to extend his contract with Real Madrid

After months of holding out for a long term agreement, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos is now ready to extend his contract with the Whites by agreeing on their stipulation over a one year contract with reduction in salary.

The Spaniard’s deal is about to expire at the end of this month. He had continuously declined Madrid’s offer impelling for a two year deal with no reduction into his salary that has been enforced on every other player due to loss in the Pandemic. The economic condition of the club is not stable as stated by the president during the controversial Super League press conference.

According to AS, Florentino Perez is not sure to keep the defender and started planning club’s future without him after his consistent refusals. While Mr 92:48 is now concurred with the conditions of the club to sign one year deal with reduced salary, president doesn’t seem to be planning to restart negotiations. He has already outlined for the replacements since he thinks it is too late, and is even preparing for a farewell ceremony for Ramos.

None of the two appeared to reach out to discuss the outcome of the situation. President refused to make his first move towards the captain after being rejected a lot of times due to which the relationship between them seems to be sequentially dilapidated.

Captain Ramos has done a lot for the Spanish giant and is a Los Blancos legend with remarkable record for the club. Meanwhile recently arrived Carlo Ancelotti told that he will be talking to Sergio Ramos within few days.


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