Skating Champion Aniket Chindak succumbed to dirty politics is all set for his comeback as singer

The politics in the field led to my downfall, says the 31 Guinness World Records winner.

Aniket Chindak had not been in news lately, for about 2.5 years. The singer-skating champion, who have 31 Guinness World Records under his name, says that he fell prey to dirty politics and pandemic worsened the already bad situation.

He says, “Skating was my life. It gave me wings to fly high and achieve everything that I had dreamt of. But the politics in the field led to my downfall. I had no other option but to step back and sit at home for almost 2.5 years.”

Aniket refused to comment on details about his comeback as singer but according to our sources Aniket will be releasing 6-8 songs soon.

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