Suga performing ‘Daechwita’ in BTS Muster ‘Sowozoo’ 2021

The stage for BTS FESTA 2021 is set! Read more to find out.

BTS is all set for celebrating its 8th anniversary with its fans in BTS 2021 FESTA. The pandemic is still around but the popular K-pop band is not letting their ARMY’s spirit down. The name for this year’s muster is ‘SOWOOZOO’, which is also the Korean name of their track called ‘Mikrokosmos.’ the track was very famous among the ARMY is known to comfort them. The virtual concert is set to be live on June 13 and 14 on the VenewLive app.

This isn’t it though, the band has many surprises planned for ARMY and a lot of predictions are being made by the fans, one of them being, Suga performing his biggest solo hit ‘Daechwita.’ The fire-spitting, banger song came out almost two years ago and the artist has never performed in front of the live audience. The speculation for the song being a part of the concert comes from a video that was recently posted by a fan.

Many fans have been going around the Seoul Olympic Stadium to see the practices and one of them heard Suga perform “Daechwita” and shared it on Twitter.

The fans also believe that BTS had revealed a spoiler for ‘Daechwita.’ If you zoom in and lighten the text in this photo, it reveals the text seen at the beginning of the “Daechwita” music video.

Amidst the pandemic,  ARMY remains excited and is eagerly waiting for the FESTA. Day 1 of Muster SOWOOZO begins at 6:30 PM KST (3 PM IST) on June 13. Day 2, the World Tour Version, begins at 6:30 PM KST (3 PM IST) on June 14.

How excited are you to see Suga sing ‘Daechwita?’

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