Sunil Chhetri single-handedly gives result to the national team, says Bhaichung Bhutia

Nothing else impressed the former skipper but Sunil Chhetri’s goal. Bhaichung Bhutia says that there is nothing to talk about India’s qualifier game except captains brace against neighbour Bangladesh.

He related Chhetri to Robert Lewandowski, a Poland striker who is a player with substantial quality and the one to win you matches single-handedly. “You have one of the best strikers in the world in Poland, he is going to have a limited opportunity to go ahead with the team and that’s what the case is with India too and this is the reason we have not been able to perform as much as a national team. There is nothing to talk about the match yesterday than Sunil Chhetri’s goal”, said Bhaichung Bhutia.

But this is not enough to win Euros, the torchbearer of Indian football in the international arena says that if India wants to win a big tournament like Euro, they need to have a great team. There will be matches back to back and players will be injured. The team will need players to replace the injured ones and for that, it’s important to have a 26 member squad. The individual stars can help in making difference in some matches but this will not take the team ahead for big competitions. He during a virtual press conference which was organised by host broadcaster Sony expressed that it’s time to make the Indian football team strong since the game is a team game and cannot be dependent on a one-star player.

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