Sunil Grover acknowledges the possibility of working with Kapil Sharma again

Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma are said to have buried the hatchet on older discrepancies and are open to working alongside each other, if a possibility knocks at their door.

The Kapil Sharma Show that became a household special saw some extremely talented actors in comedy roles, including the host Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, who played the role of the “Guthi”, “Dr Mashoor Gulati” and “Rinku Devi” across the many seasons that were aired on TV.

The two entertainers became household names until they had a falling out over an issue onboard. Ever since the duo hasn’t been seen together on the show. Whilst, the Kapil Sharma Show went on without Sunil Grover, the latter also sought a role in a comedy show aired on another TV channel.

In a recent interview, Sunil was asked about the possibility of him and Kapil resolving their differences to work together and Sunil was open to any such possibility. Although there are no concrete plans, if something comes along, Sunil would be happy to work alongside Kapil.

As for Kapil, he told a leading daily in 2020 that he was past the minor issue between them and is ready to bury the hatchet and move on. He acknowledged Sunil’s fabulous body of work and said that working with Sunil had opened doors to new learnings.

Sunil Grover took to Twitter earlier this year to wish Kapil Sharma on his birthday. Kapil too acknowledged the message by way of a tweet.

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