Sushil Kumar demanded protein supplements, exercise bands, and a special diet in Mandoli jail


Wrestler Sushil Kumar, currently arrested at Mandoli jail, has approached a Delhi court with his requests for protein supplements, exercise bands, and a special diet.

The police arrested the two-time Olympics medalist on May 23 in connection with the death of wrestler Sagar Dhankar at Delhi’s Chhatrasal Stadium. They have also found a video clip of the assault in which Sushil Kumar and his associates were allegedly seen beating the victim.

Dhankar had succumbed to injuries in the hospital during the starting week of May, as per police officials.

Before his arrest, Sushil Kumar had been on the run for nearly three weeks. For security concerns, he is now being held in a separate high-security cell at Delhi’s Mandoli jail and is not permitted to meet with anyone.

A typical jail diet consists of five rotis, two vegetables, dal, and rice, which are served twice a day to the inmates. They can also purchase products worth 6,000 from the jail canteen once a month.

Under the special diet, Sushil Kumar has demanded Omega 3 capsules, pre-workout supplements and multivitamin pills, among other things.

On Tuesday, Delhi court reserved its decision on wrestler Sudhi Kumar’s request. The court is likely to decide on Sushil Kumar’s petition for high protein meals and supplementary nutrition on Wednesday.

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