Taylor Swift fans express concerns for the pop star after she appears sick during Singapore show

Taylor Swift’s spectacular Eras tour show in Singapore had fans on the edge of their seats with excitement. But as the Cruel Summer singer was seen visibly struggling on stage, the mood suddenly changed. Swift is well-known for her lively stage presence and high-pitched singing, but Swifties were more drawn to her frequent coughing moments and throat cleaning. As videos of the incident emerged on social media, the fans became more worried.

The 14-time Grammy winner started her third of six shows in Southeast Asia with a positive mood. However, as she sang out her 2017 Reputation song, Delicate, her faultless vocals were interrupted by fits of coughing and throat clearing. Fans were quick to note Taylor’s sickly appearance in a TikTok video that went viral.

Many users reacted the the viral video. One wrote, “You can hear a rasphy tone in her voice, she also seems more calm and reserved in her movements.” Another said, “Combination of weather change, humidity, (probably) physical tiredness. She’ll be better after a few weeks off.” One person wrote, “I’m betting it has more to do with all the drastic weather changes in different regions.”

As Swifties from all over Asia went to the concert, some neighbouring politicians may have taken offence to claims of Taylor’s exclusive deal in Singapore. The deal, which reportedly earns Taylor $3 million (£2.3 million) for each concert in Singapore, prevents her from travelling to other Asian regions. Ministers from Thailand and the Philippines are not happy with this deal, which is causing controversy.

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