The Beatles’ one song that earned the group over $30 million

The Beatles are as famous and as outstanding as it gets in the music world and they’re still relevant years after they split up. Despite their issues, some of which were recently revealed in a documentary, the band went down as legends and even created successful solo careers.

The group’s renowned songs are an important part of its legacy. These songs were the basis for their success and they are the reason the band is still known today. It just so happens that the group has made tens of millions of dollars from one song alone.

“Yesterday” song had earned the group over $30 million

“Yesterday,” from the album Help!, is one of the most popular songs in the Fab Four’s library of music,

“The Beatles’ rock ban needs no introduction as their fame has spread across the globe and may have spilt into other galaxies!”, according to The Richest. Yesterday, one of their best hits was claimed to have been written by Paul McCartney in 1964, despite it being credited to John Lennon. The song sparked a lot of controversy and an argument between McCartney and the band’s then-record producer and arranger, George Martin, caused the song’s release to be postponed until 1965.

The publication continues, “McCartney claimed to have received the melody for the record in a dream and took his time to compose his masterpiece. His patience and musical genius paid off, as the song went on to earn $30 million in royalties as well as holding the title of the second most played song in the history of radio.”

That is a staggering amount of money to earn from just one song, but it demonstrates how influential that group was and has been throughout the decades.

The group’s musical collection, as you could expect, is highly valuable.

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