The Great Khali returns it to the trolls in his hilarious style!


People have been writing on The Great Khali’s page for the past week or so, seeking bizarre things from him. There’s no justification for this; it’s just one of those trends that becomes popular and everyone gets on it.

Except this time, it appears that individuals went too far, as Khali was forced to delete the comment option from his posts. Anyway, he wasn’t going to keep quiet about it, so in a recent video, he addressed the issues and provided answers in the most Khali style possible. Someone, for example, had requested Khali to land an aeroplane on his head. “Mere ya tere?” he said in response. (Believe me, it’s hilarious when he says it).

“Phelewaan hun main, scientist nahin hun main,” he remarked when someone else requested him to separate Hydrogen from Oxygen in water. Although the video is an advertising, it was entertaining to see Khali return it to the trolls.

Here are few of the snippets:

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