“The Kindry” – A new social initiative by Richa Chadha that promotes LGBTQ welfare

The Kindry is a social media initiative by Richa Chadha that aims to promote awareness, celebrate and accept the LGBTQ community amidst the ongoing celebrations of the Pride month.


Every year the world celebrates the LGBTQ + Pride Month to acknowledge and accept the presence of the community. The month is dedicated to eradicating the stigma around the non-binary gender and create awareness about their needs and more importantly their rights in society.

This year, Bollywood actress, Richa Chadha has commenced a new social initiative for the non-binary gender named ” The Kindry” which amplifies the individual stories of the community through these trying times.

As a part of her social media initiative, Richa is dedicating her Instagram page to amplify the stories of many unsung heroes of the LGBTQ community.

Amongst the featured stories is the story of a group of youngsters in Kashmir, who are helping feed the trans community in Kashmir. Another story features the role of a young psychotherapist based in Kolkata, who runs a mental health helpline free of cost for those in mental grief.

A third story features the contribution of the first trans-woman to head a vaccination center in India, who is also a medical professional, a philanthropist and an artist.

The Instagram handle will be doing live sessions this entire month with unsung heroes, who inspire people by simply being themselves. These live sessions are aimed at celebrating their existence and contribution to society as well as educating the viewers on acceptance, dignity, equality, pride history, and most importantly love, that knows no gender.

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