When Thor 5 is going to release?

With the most recent rumours, fans are eagerly awaiting the Thor 5 release date. Zeus gave Hercules the assignment to exact revenge on Thor for what he did to him, and Love and Thunder set it up properly. So, the upcoming movie is going to feature a fight between Thor and Hercules.

Release date for Thor 5

The anticipated release date for Thor 5 is 2026 or early 2027.


Thor: Love and Thunder’s remark from Taika Waititi was the first to reveal the existence of Thor 5. Recently, The Official Movie Special book surfaced. MyTimeToShineHello and other reliable Marvel insiders have also confirmed that the movie is now in production.

Knowing when it will be released is difficult. Whether the movie will come out before or after Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (May 1, 2026) is not yet certain. However, the following Thor film may choose one of three possible release dates.

The movie might debut in early 2026, on Marvel’s February 13 date, if it takes place before Avengers 5. Release in the second half of 2026 (on July 24 or November 6) is the second option.

If so, its plot might serve as a prologue to The Kang Dynasty, enabling Thor to take part in the crossover. Alternatively, the movie’s events might occur after The Kang Dynasty and usher in Avengers: Secret Wars. Then it may potentially take use of the third option, which is Marvel’s early 2027 time period.

The second half of 2026 is most likely where Thor 5 will be released out of the three release windows. The story of Doctor Strange 3 is meant to take us right into Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Therefore, such movie might replace Thor 5 on February 13, 2026. Based on the information we currently have, these dates are approximations.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson from the ensemble of Thor 5 are unquestionably anticipated to return. Along with them, Taika Waititi and India Rose Hemsworth will both be making their comebacks as Love and Korg, respectively. However, Hercules and Thor will face off in Thor: Love and Thunder. So, Brett Goldstein would return to play Hercules again, and even Russell Crowe could play Zeus again.

Where is the release of Thor 5?

It is anticipated that Thor 5 will hit the theaters.

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