Top 5 roasted snacks to help weight loss


Dieting is a good thing to lose weight, but dieting does not mean being hungry at all. When you are hungry, your attention shifts more towards junk and processed food. In such a situation, you should include these healthy-tasty and low-calorie snacks in your diet.

Makhana: Makhana is the best option for you as a roasted snack during dieting. Calorie is very less in Makhana while the amount of sodium is high. At the same time, the glycemic index of makhana is also low. The amount of carbohydrates in makhana is also sufficient. When you feel hungry, you can eat roasted makhana.

Almonds: Roasted almonds will also help you in dieting. The body gets plenty of fiber by eating almonds. You can eat almonds as a healthy snack. Heart, cholesterol problems are also removed by eating almonds. It also helps in controlling weight.

Chana/Chickpeas: Chana is the most liked among weight loss snacks. Eating roasted gram provides plenty of protein and fiber. Which helps in reducing weight. By eating roasted gram, one does not feel hungry for a long time.

Seeds: You can also eat roasted seeds in healthy snacks during dieting. You can roast and eat any seeds of your choice. You roast sunflower, bottle gourd and linseed seeds and keep them closed in a jar. You can consume them as a snack when you are hungry. This will keep the weight under control.

Peas: If you want to eat healthy and spicy, then you can eat roasted peas. Many vitamins are found in peas. Healthy snack for weight loss includes peas. You can eat this healthy snack with tea or coffee in the evening.

Popcorn also helps in weight loss. Popcorn has very few calories. You should eat popcorn during weight loss. This pacifies the hunger.

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