Top inspirational and motivational quotes of Gopichand Parmanand Hinduja

Here are some of the top inspirational and motivational quotes of Gopichand Hinduja

Gopichand Parmanand Hinduja ,born on February 29, 1940, is a co-chairman of the Hinduja Group and an Indian-born British billionaire businessman. He is the UK’s second wealthiest man, alongside his brother Srichand, as of May 2020. He has regularly numbered among the richest citizens in the United Kingdom and Asia since the 1990s. The Hinduja Party is involved in a variety of industries, including cars, real estate, health care, and banking.

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In 1959, GP entered the family business in Mumbai. He was a key figure in the Group’s transition from an Indo-Middle East trade activity to a multibillion-dollar global business. The terms ‘common sense’ better describe his corporate style. The Group made a big commercial leap when it bought Gulf Oil in 1984, preceded by the purchase of Ashok Leyland, a troubled Indian automaker, in 1987, which was the first big NRI venture in India. Here are some of the best motivational and inspirational quotes of Gopichand Parmanand Hinduja.

  • “Philanthropy is at the core of our family’s principles and values. The beliefs, values, traditions and above all the philosophy of the family were shaped by the experiences.”
  • “Philanthropy and giving back to society are in our DNA. My father believed it was his Dharma – or duty – to work to give.”
  • “The time of Partition in India, my father was in Bombay, where he set up a clinic and centre with food and accommodation for fleeing refugees from Pakistan as well as a school for children arriving in the city.”
  • “My word is my bond comes from our father’s strong belief to honor his commitments.”
  • “Another guiding principle, Act Local, Think Global is the idea that the Group should have global ambitions, and spread across the globe.”
  • “we have to know and understand the countries, their cultures and the markets in which we operate.”
  • “Yes, we have invested in property around the world including London, Geneva, Monaco, Paris, Dubai, New York, Toronto and Washington DC and across India.”
  • “The key factors included the integrity of our offer and our ability to demonstrate that we could breathe new life into the Old War Office and create something extraordinary.”

One of Gopichand Hinduja’s most significant accomplishments was winning a Lifetime Achievement award in 2015 at a ceremony honouring only accomplished business leaders. Hinduja was ranked first on the Sunday Times Rich List, with a net worth of GBP 16.2 billion. GP is also the driving force behind the Group’s expansion into the power and infrastructure markets, pioneering the mission of developing the Group’s strategy to instal 10 GW of power generation capacity in India.

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