Top lesser known and interesting facts about the superstar Mammooty

Some of the top unknown and interesting facts about Mammooty

Megastar Mammootty is a living embodiment of the phrase “age is in reverse gear.” When you say he is an actor extraordinaire whose name cannot be overlooked when discussing the heritage of Indian cinema, there will be no second thoughts. Mammootty’s 45-year career has been nothing less of a thrilling adventure. He entered the industry without even a godfather and has now grown into a brand that rookies are proud to identify with their first project. Here are some  interesting things about Megastar.

1. Total of 390 movies

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Mammootty has a total of 390 films under his belt. This places Mammukka next only to Prem Nazir in terms of the number of films in which he has played the lead. 365 of the 390 movies made are in Malayalam. There are 15 in Tamil, 5 in Hindi, 3 in Telugu, and 1 each in Kannada and English among the remaining.

2. Sajin To Mammootty

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Muhammad Kutty Ismail Paniparambil was his birth name. Mammootty was not his first screen name. He went by many names in the beginning, the most well-known of which was Sajin. The megastar was recognized as Sajin and as a new-face in the 1981 film ‘Sphodanam.’

 3. Number 369

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The number 369 is a favourite of Mammootty’s. His registration number is 369 on both of his vehicles. As per history, Mammootty purchased a briefcase with the lock code 369 in his initial days. He has a particular fondness for the number, which is a multiple of three. As a result, Mammootty assigned the same number to all of his vehicles.

4.Mammootty  Rejected Ambedkar

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As director Jabbar Patel presented Mammootty with the script for ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar,’ he turned it down, saying he didn’t have any dates. However, Mammootty later agreed to work on the initiative. And it was only during the shoot that Jabbar Patel learned that Mammootty had initially refused the script because he was unwilling to shave clean.

5.  Record With National Award

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Mammootty has received the National Award three times. However, he has a one-of-a-kind track record in this situation. Mammukka is the only Malayalam actor to have won a National Award for Best Actor in a Non-Malayalam Film. In 1999, he received his third National award for the film ‘Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar,’ which was made in English.

6. Record Of Sethurama Iyer

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Mammootty is the only actor in Indian cinema who has played the lead in every film in a franchise. The ‘Sethurama Iyer’ series is the franchise. In all four films in this hit series, Mammootty played CBI officer Sethurama Iyer. In reality, this series earned the title of having the same director and scriptwriter for all of its films to date.

Mammookka, Ikka, Big M, and the ageless superstar are some of his nicknames. With his fashionable personality, thrilling appearances, and flexibility as a performer, the iconic actor has captured millions of hearts over the course of his four-decade career. He has earned many awards and has proven to be Malayalam cinema’s pride.

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