Top most beautiful actresses of Korean film industry

The Korean industry, developing rapidly and trying to come closer to the world’s most famous film industries such as Hollywood. It is playing an imperative role in the economy of Korea by providing healthy entertainment to the audience not in its own country but in the whole world. The country is setting the stage for the perception of beauty with their stunning ladies; i.e most beautiful Korean actresses.

Here is a list of some of the most magnificent, greatest, and most attractive Korean actresses who have captured the hearts of the general public through modelling, acting, and singing, not just on red carpet shows. On this list, you’ll find well-known Korean actresses like Yoon Eun Hye from Missing You, as well as gorgeous South Korean women like Son Ye Jin. The following is a list of all the stunning Korean actresses.

Take a look at most beautiful Korean actresses

Choi Ji Woo

The most famous actress in the television series Choi Ji Woo, is not only well-known there but also in the Korean film industry. The feminine Choi Ji Woo rules in her fan’s hearts and made the film industry more modern. She also set new trends in films with her skills.


Han GA-IN is the 14th most beautiful Korean actress. Her career began with a television series. Yellow Handkerchief was her first drama, followed by Terms of Endearment. Moon Embracing the Sun is her most successful drama. She is well-known for her modelling as well as her acting. She’s done a lot of advertisements so far. “Architecture 101” is her big hit flick.

Yoon Eun Hye

The South Korean lady comes in 13th place on the beautiful Korean actress list. She is a lady full of talent, skills and versatile abilities. Un-doubly she is a “Multi-talented” Korean woman. She is a singer, does acting in drama, a model, and a director. Yoon has won different awards such as the best actress award.

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