Vedanta will be institutionalised, says Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources affirmed that the company will be institutionalised at any cost on Saturday. He further clarified that the company will not pass on to his family. He stated that the company cannot be operated on a defensive mode.

While addressing a webinar on ‘Vedanta of business’ he expressed, “Our company will not go to our family. Our family is also an institution, a complete institution.” He also added that if his family gets capable of running Vedanta in future then it is a different thing, but the company cannot run on a defensive mode. The webinar was held by the FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO), the women business wing of the apex body FICCI.

During the webinar, he revealed that Vedanta is the largest producer of oil in India along with silver and Zinc. He further assured that they will institutionalize the company at any cost. “In my opinion 75 per cent must go back to the society, 25 per cent is more than enough for the family,” he added.

Furthermore, he also enlightened that India is a land of entrepreneurship with the advantage of location, young talents and sea on its three sides. The country is moving towards a self- reliant economy, suggested Anil Agarwal. In addition, he elaborated that the world has always looked at India as a market and never wished to see it grow. He further notified that the process of self-reliance   has grown and the youth along with start ups with new ideas are driving the country to newer heights.

Anil Agarwal stated that India has the largest deposits of oil, gold and minerals. He expressed that it is the high time to explore those and encouraged that the young and the women entrepreneur has to do it.

Worldwide, an average of 44 per cent women are entrepreneur while in India its yet 20 per cent, expressed Agarwal. He further encouraged that it is the time for women to come forward as they are convincing and they deliver.

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