Video of monkey in Delhi metro goes viral

A monkey on a metro has taken netizens by a storm. The event occurred on Saturday evening when the monkey entered Delhi Metro’s Blue Line compartment and wandered around in the carriage while playing around.

A video of the monkey capering and wandering in between coaches of the metro train before taking a seat has gone viral amongst netizens and on social media.

The timeline of the events that was reported was that the monkey was seen approximately at 4:45 PM as the train moved from Yamuna Bank station to IP station on Blue Line.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) informed people on Monday the monkey who was caught riding the metro recently crept into the train at Akshardham station. To that DMRC added that it is in conversation with the forest department to come up with a standard operating procedure to handle unanticipated situations such as this one.

The monkey had a joy ride on the metro for a minimum of 3-4 minutes mentioned the DMRC. It added to that by mentioning that the staff took swift action soon after receiving the information about the monkey and the train was evacuated as the next station approached.

The event was described by a few metro travelers and they mentioned that the monkey sat quietly for some time and at some point even rested his limb on the thigh of a commuter, and proceeded to curiously look outside as the train gained speed.


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