Vindu Dara Singh prays for a speedy recovery of Rakhi Sawant’s mother

Vindu Dara Singh praises Rakhi Sawant for being strong and wished her mother Jaya Sawant for her speedy recovery from cancer.

Rakhi Sawant who had entered the Bigg Boss 14 as a wildcard entry was successful in making her way to top 5 with leaving no stones unturned to entertain the audience. The actress recently shared a social media post asking fans to pray for her mother’s recovery who is suffering from cancer.

Now, season 3 winner Vindu Dara Singh who entered the house to support Rakhi has shared his prayers for Rakhi mother.

Writing a post he praised Rakhi’s mother for her strong spirit as she fights this dreadful disease, followed by praising Rakhi who despite knowing of her mother’s deteriorating health did not fall short of entertainment in the show. He took to Instagram and wrote, “Dear #jayasawant ji we had the pleasure of knowing you in #bb3 and saw the fighting spirit you possessed despite severe diabetes and knew you had a tigress as your daughter called @rakhisawant2511. She entertained the entire world in #bb14 and won our hearts like #rajkapoor ji in #meranaamjoker. All the time she was worried about her mother but was strong and fought many battles in the house . We wish you a very speedy recovery and pray that the loving bond between you two stays strong forever.”

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