What not to do while playing fantasy cricket on mobile app

Fantasy sports can be exciting. Early success can often create a false impression. While fantasy sports can be rewarding, wrong decisions can also lead to losses.

Hence, it is advisable to play sensibly and take it just as a sport. The goal of winning the prize can often take away the pleasure of playing the sport in the first place.

The reason you chose to play the sport virtually becomes secondary. The only purpose that remains is winning.

While this winning attitude is alright, the obsession with it can be harmful. Enjoyment is an important element.

Since fantasy sports constitute financial involvement, it is important to understand the nuances of playing sports virtually.

There are certain elementary mistakes that fantasy sports players commit that can lead to a disaster.

Here are some of the most common errors that you can avoid while playing cricket on My11Circle fantasy app:

Favourite player syndrome: Fantasy sports players attach their emotions to a certain player and make the mistake of involving them in their lineup even though they are not the same player anymore. He/she may have been a great player, but merely going by their reputation is not an ideal decision. Their contribution has to be measured considering the points that the player can garner for you. One has to have a clear understanding of how things work on the field and in the virtual arena. That reputed player may be contributing to planning and backroom stuff for the team, but it makes little or no difference to your plans while playing fantasy sports. Here, all that matters are the numbers of that player. How many runs did that player score and what wickets that he/she has taken or goals did that player score? Everything else is secondary because their performance is what will have an impact on your points. Selecting players who are out of form is another recipe for disaster. Once they are back in form, you can always include them in your plans for the next game. Horses for courses is the best policy.

Not staying updated: If you are invested in fantasy sports, you must keep an eye on the developments happening on the field. An injury to a player or the team management’s policy for the players is important to understand. If you include players who are injured or are set to be rested for that particular match, then it is a grave mistake to commit. My11Circle’s various tools and analysis can certainly help you make the right choices.

Picking one-dimensional players: Yes, there are specialists and they hold a certain value to the team. But picking players of one dimension, that is, pure batsmen, only bowlers or goalkeepers is something that you can avoid. You have to analyse the value that the player is bringing to the table. You have to understand what are the other areas the player is contributing apart from his main skill. Players with multi-dimensions can create a larger impact on the team’s success, which will eventually help you win points.

Retaining unlikely players: This is another mistake often seen where one retains players who are not expected to make it to the playing XI. It is hard to understand the logic behind such decisions, but it is surely not a wise move. If you follow the sport, you would ideally have a fair idea of playing XI in most cases. There could be one or two changes which one may get right or not. In most cases, the majority of the players in the XI are certain unless there is a last-minute injury or illness. So, ideally one must first focus on the sure-shot XI player who is likely to play. And then, devise a strategy around the other players from the squad who are likely to get a look in. Conditions play a major role when it comes to cricket especially. Conditions dictate the changes in the playing XI. For example, it would be a disaster to select three pacers on a turning track and vice versa. Knowledge of pitch conditions is of utmost importance when it comes to playing fantasy cricket.

Disclaimer: Real money games involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.

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