When All India Radio refused Anupam Kher the job of a ‘casual announcer’

During a recent interview with AIR Shimla, Anupam Kher opens up about getting rejected by AIR Shimla when he interviewed for the post of a casual announcer.

Long before Anupam Kher set afoot in the Bollywood, he tried his hands at getting a job of a casual announcer at All India Radio in Shimla.

During a brief interview on an AIR programme on Saturday, June 19, the actor revealed a interesting anecdote about his stint with AIR Shimla.

It was a usual chilly day in Shimla on December 1974 when Anupam Kher gave his audition. However, he fumbled, thus failing in his first and only attempt.

Recalling the words of the on-duty officer, Kher said, ” ‘He told me, ‘I touch your feet, please don’t come to AIR Shimla again’.”

Anupam Kher, who was born and brought up in Shimla, holds no resentment against AIR for having rejected him back in 1974. On the contrary, he considers it as a step of failure whilst on the ladder of success.

Recalling his experience, the veteran actor says, “I have come here today and I am feeling success.”

Had it not been for his rejection at AIR, Anupam Kher would have never joined the School of drama, from where his Bollywood journey began. Ten years after joining the school of drama, he made a spectacular debut in Hindi cinema with Mahesh Bhatt’s multiple award-winning movie “Saransh”.

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