When director David O. Russell made Amy Adams cry on set of American Hustle

Film sets can be challenging places to work, but it’s important that everybody works together to make it a healthy workplace. Directors and actors don’t always get along and they can cross the line, sometimes getting violent with one another. While this is not common, the fact that it happens means that all sets must seek to avoid it.

Amy Adams is an outstanding actress and her performance in American Hustle earned her critical acclaim and prestigious award nominations. She has always been candid about her films and the actress has talked about her experience shooting on that film, which saw her regularly brought to tears by director David O. Russell.

David O. Russell made Amy Adams cry on the set of American Hustle

In an interaction with GQ, Adams talked about working with Russell, adding that a previous film’s experience caused the director to change his behaviour.

“Even I was surprised on American Hustle, because on [his previous film] Silver Linings Playbook he had developed this wild, crazy way of working with Bradley [Cooper] and Jennifer [Lawrence]… and it was mania. I was like: wow.”

She continued by describing the director screaming instructions.

“I did a scene with Bradley where I have to hit him and he’s yelling at me, ‘Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! Hit him! HARDER! HARDER! HARDER! Really give it to him this time,” she continued.

Adams was then questioned if the director made her cry on set. The actress replied, “He did. He was hard on me, that’s for sure. It was a lot.” She added, “I was really just devastated on set.”

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