When Hema Malini rejected Raaj Kumar’s marriage proposal

Hema Malini, dubbed “Bollywood’s Dream Girl,” is one of the most beautiful actors in the industry. The diva had not only captured the hearts of her followers with her breathtaking beauty but also with her flawless acting abilities. Her admirers included not just her followers, but also various industry celebrities. Several actors had even expressed interest in marrying Hema and had submitted her marriage proposals. Did you know that great actor Raaj Kumar admired her and wanted to marry the Dream Girl?

This occurred during Hema’s early years in the business. Raaj Kumar and Vyjayanthimala were reportedly brought in to play Laal Patthar.

The superstar, on the other hand, was eager to cast Hema in the film. While the decision surprised the producers because Hema was still a novice, they did give in to Raaj’s desire and offered Laal Patthar to the diva.

Despite originally rejecting the film, she eventually agreed to do it when Raaj persuaded her. That’s not everything. While working with Hema, the veteran actor was blown away by her panache.

Raaj even sent the lady a wedding proposal shortly after the film was released. Hema, on the other hand, turned down the wedding proposal since she regarded Raaj as a hero.

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