Why Dholera SIR is the best investment opportunity in India?

In Ahmedabad district, Gujarat, India, The Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is a town. And here, the Government of India is constructing Dholera SIR, India’s first smart city project. The city of Dholera has a great deal of uniqueness that beats all other Indian cities. We may estimate that Delhi Metro City is one by two from Dholera when talking about the total area it is occupied. It’s our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project. Under the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Dholera SIR has an action plan to create 100 new smart cities in India. If it works well, more job prospects are raised, the dream of residence for everyone will come true, the population of the cities will be equal, the consequences will be to increase the quality of living etc.

Dholera has the most modern facilities, such as a gym, tennis and volleyball court, jogging tracks, guest quarters, children’s play area, gaming area, gazebo, swimming pool and much more, with an environmentally friendly atmosphere that will draw people from all over the world. If you plan on getting a home in this desirable area, don’t be late. The Dholera City is the most attractive residential system you can own. You can now make use of your dream home with fascinating EMI choices. It’s fantastic for the company and for the luxury lifestyle as well.

Right now, as compared to other developed cities, the value of property is low, so it’s the best time to invest in properties. At the best places, you can have the best Dholera residential properties. These will become the most valuable properties in the coming years only because it is a smart city. So, at the right time, make your investments. This city is much like the cities of the West or abroad. The form of infrastructure that is present there is so great. There, perfection is reviled in architecture. The Dholera SIR project, situated between Delhi and Mumbai, enables anyone to have close access to the metro cities in question.

Salient Features

Dholera SIR is committed to implementing best practices and empowering administration processes. Throughout the project, the decisions will be versatile and operational work will be performed autonomously.

Project Vision- Dholera SIR

The vision of this project is to develop Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) as global manufacturing and trading hub i.e. “The engine for economic resurgence of the country” which is supported by world class infrastructure?

“The Development Plan, taking into account the DMIC objectives and goals, should focus towards creating and enabling environment to protect local industries, enhance investment climate, improve quality of life, upgrade human skills, create world class infrastructure and attract global investment”.

In the next five years, this project will double the potential for jobs, triple industrial production and quadruple exports from the region.


Dholera is identified as a Greenfield port and will be built by Dholera Port Limited (promoted by J K Group and Adani Group) in close proximity to the coastal line, along with private sector participation. It is covered on three sides by water faces, namely the east face of the Khambhat Gulf, the north side of the Bavaliari Creek, and the south side of the Sonaria Creek.

Develop the Special Investment Region (SIR) of Dholera as a global manufacturing and trading centre, i.e. “The country’s economic resurgence engine,” backed by world-class infrastructure.

Proximity to Ahmedabad has given Dholera a good location advantage with a vibrant manufacturing base and investment scenario. The project is spread over an area of 35,000 hectares. The planned processing area is 14,000 hectares, and the remainder is a non-processing zone.

The port of Dholera is mainly engaged in general cargo handling, dry bulk, containers, ship breaking and chemical handling facilities.

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